God’s Love Story

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

God’s Love Story

By Kyle Jane Heskett

I love focusing on what I am thankful for because it puts things in the proper perspective. Life has a way of bringing us challenges and the negative can consume our thoughts. We have to actively practice being thankful if we want joy in our lives. This is very true for what I am most thankful for at this point in my life, which is my marriage.

My husband is a wonderful man, but he isn’t perfect. And neither am I! When you take two imperfect people and put them in a relationship, there will be hard times. But despite the frustration, arguing, and pain that is bound to happen in any marriage, I am thankful for it all—the good and the bad. This is because God has opened my eyes to how I can reflect His ultimate love story through my marriage.

I have recently been going through a marriage devotional titled “Wife After God” by Jennifer Smith. One aspect of it really stuck out to me. In the first chapter, Smith points out that we were designed to “reflect God’s goodness, and to radiate His love.” God showed the ultimate example of love when Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, but it doesn’t end there. When I think about God’s unconditional love, I think about how He chooses to pursue me every day despite my many flaws and am inspired to do the same for my husband. I am inspired to sacrifice for him, to love him, and to be patient with him. Marriage, as Smith points out in her book, is an opportunity for women to reflect God’s love story by the way we treat our husbands. I am grateful that God designed me for such a romantic and amazing task. It takes courage and strength to love someone unconditionally, and yes, it takes work. A lot of work. But it is a beautiful calling for us wives.

There are many ways to show your husband that you are thankful and to reflect God’s love story. One way that has worked for me is to recognize my husband’s love language. Every person has a way they give and receive love best. For my husband, he feels most loved and respected through acts of service. So I’ll make him dinner, maybe buy him something for no special reason, or offer him words of encouragement. Another way is to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Easier said than done. And I mess up a lot of the time. But I try and remember how God is so patient with me, which helps me move forward. A third way to reflect God’s love story is to pray for your husband. Prayer changes things and, as wives, we should be interceding for our husbands. These are just a few examples. You and your husband have a unique relationship and there may be other things God is asking you to embrace.

When we treat our marriage as God intended, we thrive. We step into a deeper knowledge of who God is. Smith points out in her book that “You and your husband, the two of you together as husband and wife, reflect the fullness of God’s image.” I am thankful that my marriage can help me learn more about God’s character. When I treat my husband the way God calls me to, I feel closer to both God and my spouse. I feel like I am an important person in God’s story. We all are. That’s something to get excited about!

As women, we are constantly growing in our relationships. Life is a learning process that has many mistakes and triumphs, but I am so grateful for the opportunity. Join me in thanking God for the gift of your marriage and for the chance to be part of His great love story.