Abuse Book Resources – Works That Take A Stand

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Abuse Book Resources – Works That Take A Stand

By Ashley Gomez

The subject of abuse is never to be taken lightly, and is much more than the physical abuse that is most commonly associated with the term abuse. Abuse can refer to physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual, and sexual abuse. Abuse can be found anywhere and can affect everyone, and can be sitting in silence undetected for years. In light of this, there have been numerous accounts of individuals that go through abuse. Along with these situations there are those who are compelled to aid in the retelling of the individuals’ story and experience. The retelling in itself brings to light the situation in order to bring awareness to the issue of abuse.

Authors around the world have been retelling individuals’ experiences all throughout history to be awareness to issues all over the world. Some write about wars, others about genocide, and about the individuals’ experiences through hardships they face. These retellings grip readers, but they do more than just that. The authors who write these stories are doing anything but telling a story. They are telling of an individuals’ experience with abuse, no matter the type of abuse. However, the other side of the coin exists as well. There are those who would rather be blind to the fact that this issue is not as pressing as others in the world today. A similar situation occurred when the story of Jesus was told. There were those who embraced the news of the Messiah and those who turned the other way. In a similar way authors have done the same with the topic of abuse. They have embraced this topic and have a special place for those who have experienced it. They find that these individuals need to be heard even when they cannot tell their story themselves.

A foundational example of an author who has done this is Nanette Kirsch, in her novel Denial. Denial tells the story of Nanettes’ late friend David, and his story. Unknown to her Davids’ life, although seemingly put together on the outside, was not the same on the inside. Nanette was asked to write a novel about David and his life by his wife, and when she began to research David she found the life of an abused friend. Nanette wrote this novel and brought awareness to the abuse David faced. This is just one example of an individuals’ story that needed to be heard.

In researching about Nanette and her novel I was reminded of reading scripture and learning about the story of the coming Christ and how not all came to accept him when He took his humanly form. Psalm 14:54 says, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” Nanettes’ novel is one of these works. She has taken a brave step and told Davids’ story about abuse, and this is one of many steps that the community and the church can take together to face this issue, with the word of God placed firmly behind her and in Davids’ story.

Below are novels, including Nanettes’ that have also contributed to the discussion of abuse and how the strength of the individual can overcome these struggles and be born again. They have shared their journeys for those like them to let them know that they are not alone. The sharing of their stories are becoming resources needed for these individuals who have faced various traumas.  These authors have boldly decided to discuss these topics not to shame or for the sake of telling their stories, they share them for each other. They share them for those who cannot understand why these things happened to them and they give them a place to start healing.

The authors along with many others see no reason why these stories should not be told, they embrace these hard stories, and the topics they contain. The lives and experiences of those affected by abuse do not need to be seen in a negative, and dark way. It is perhaps in these stories we find the purest forms of strength an individual can have.

Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Nanette Kirsch’s novel Denial shares the story of her close friend David and his struggles with his hidden abuse through his successful life.

Dorie Van Stone and Erwin W. Lutzer bring the healing process of abuse forward, and how the trauma of abuse can be seen through someone who was come to accept Christ in No Place to Cry.

In Fallen Annie Lobert tells her incredible story of surviving sex trafficking and how she was able to break free and help others to break free with the light of God in a dark place.

In this self-help book Triggered Too Victor Marx enables the individual onto a path towards understanding trauma and the ways an individual can help achieve healing.

Lecrae writes about his story in Unashmed, a story about an individual who has reached success and struggled with these past issues through his unwavering faith in Jesus.

Founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship and the Harvest Crusades share his experiences in his novel Lost Boy. He shares about his dysfunctional upbringing that includes domestic violence and abandonment and how coming to Christ changed his life.