20 Ways to Have A Memorable Summer With Friends

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

20 Ways to Have A Memorable Summer With Friends

By Jehn Kubiak

Sunshine. Pool days. Tanning. Smoothie dates. Movie nights. Afternoons at the beach. Whatever’s your fancy, summertime is the perfect opportunity to grab your friends and get to know each other a bit better––especially if you’re a college student and have no life during the semester. Here are some suggestions for fun in the sun or a night indoors.

  1. Find a Great Flick

Movie nights are probably one of the easiest, low-budget activities for a crowd. Whether you prefer going to the theatre and seeing a new release or streaming a great find from an online site like Netflix, grab some popcorn and get your friends together. If you watch at home, you can connect a laptop to a projector, use a white sheet, get speakers with surround sound, and make your own indoor (or outdoor) makeshift theatre.

  1. Creative Crafting

You know all those cool Pinterest projects? Now’s the time to start those! Find one that you like, take some friends to Hobby Lobby, and shop to your heart’s content. Then, find a table at a park or someone’s house and get started.

  1. One-On-Ones Over Coffee

Have that friend you’ve always wanted to know a bit better? Mornings are generally hot in the summer, so find that friend and grab iced vanilla lattes together at Starbucks, then chit-chat the morning away.

  1. Book Parties

This one is especially perfect for introverts who want to “spend time” with friends, yet don’t want to socialize. Go to the library, grab a couple books, sit down on the couch, and spend the afternoon reading right next to your friends.

  1. MYO Cold Brew

Why spend a fortune on cold brew at Starbucks when you can easily make your own? Literally; cold brew is just coffee brewed cold! Find your favorite coffee and follow this recipe from Simply Recipes.

  1. Workout Wednesdays

Of course, you can work out with friends every day. However, for those who enjoy a mixture of solo and group workouts, choose Wednesday. Why? It’s halfway through the week, and just because “workout Wednesday” is catchy, so it’s hard to forget when you’ll work out.

  1. Doggy Playdates

*For those who have canine pals

Ask your friend to meet you with their pup at a park, and let your pups play with each other while you make casual conversation. It’s a win-win because you and your dogs get social time!

  1. Larabar Making Party

Larabars are delicious! But they’re also so expensive at $1 a bar. Want to know what’s in those? First, dates, then a kind of nut and an additional dried fruit. For instance, you can make a cranberry walnut one with dates, cranberries, and walnuts, plus some coconut oil. It’s really simple, so why not make a huge batch and share?

  1. Kick It At the Beach

This is a no-brainer; when the sun’s blazing hot and many people have vacation time, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some waves. Whether you actually surf, body surf, or just sit on the sand, everyone can find their own space.

  1. Jam Sesh

*For those who are musically inclined

Have several friends who play instruments? Get a band together and have some fun! You can use the traditional piano/guitar/bass/drums setup, or you can get creative by adding strings and wind instruments. Endless possibilities.

  1. Long Walks

With all of life’s stress, sometimes you just need to clear your mind. Walks are a perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy the outdoors––especially during summertime, when the sun is out longer in the evenings.

  1. Collaborative Cleanup 

This isn’t the most fun activity, but it’s mutually-beneficial! Help your friend clean their house, and ask them to help clean yours. This way, you get a change of scenery and both have clean houses!

  1. Video Call Long-Distance Friends

It’s hard when your friends live across multiple states, or even on a completely different continent. Thankfully, technology is amazing and allows people to still see each other’s faces when communicating. Think about a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and set up a video chat.

  1. Barbecue

As always, food is a great way to bring people together. Barbecues are especially great during the summer due to the amazing weather. Have each of your friends pick something different––a meat, drink, salad, etc.––and have everyone take turns grilling. Trust me––the food tastes much better when everyone pitches in!

  1. Get Wet at a Waterpark

Summer is the only time of the year that you can go to a waterpark. If you have one close by, make sure to get season passes and go a couple times a week. Go down one of those cone slides with a group of friends, and scream as you slide up high on the sides. Or, you can go on a raft ride. Either way, waterparks are group-friendly.

  1. Roadtripping

Of course, this wouldn’t be a true summer list without mentioning a road trip. The weather is nice, and lots of activities are in season, so it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a new scene. Gather a group of friends, have a meeting to establish a location, and make a grand plan for the best vacation ever.

  1. Puzzling

This may sound like an “old-person” activity, but building puzzles with friends is actually quite fun. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and it’s interesting to see. Some may start with the border, while others focus on a key image. Regardless, you sure finish the thing faster with extra help.

  1. Apples to Apples Night

Need some laughs in your life? This game is there for you, and it’s highly portable! Host your friends, put some munchies on the table, and prepare to laugh at the funny nouns that they pair with adjectives.

  1. Ladies’ Spa Day

*For all the ladies

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fancy event or wedding coming up; you can still get your nails and hair done just for the fun of it! Ask your friend where they’d like to go, and take an afternoon to relax while someone else does the beauty work.

  1. Enjoy a Sports Game

While there are a select few persons who don’t like sports, most people have at least one they enjoy. If you have friends that all enjoy the same sport, such as baseball, get everyone together and caravan to a game. The best part about sitting with friends is that you don’t have to feel ashamed about cheering for your favorite team.