5 Summer Outdoor Workout Ideas

(Natalie Baugh)

5 Summer Outdoor Workout Ideas

By Brittney Perez

Summer will be here before we know it, and if you’re like me when you think of summer, you may start to think about all the outdoor activities you can participate in. I like the transition from spring to summer. The days are longer, the trees start to get their new leaves, flowers are blooming (to some of our dismay due to allergies), the birds are singing, and more people seem to be out and about. It’s a great time to just enjoy being outdoors. With that being said, I wanted to share 5 ways you could workout outdoors this summer!


I love hiking. I just like being outdoors in general, but hiking is great because not only do you get to experience the beauty of creation, but you get in a good workout while you’re at it! I’ve been to many hiking trails in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Some are definitely more strenuous than others, so I would look into the trail or area you plan on hiking before attempting it. SoCalHiker.net is a great site to find a good hiking trail for yourself. The site offers info about the different hiking trails in the various SoCal area as well as reviews from hikers. Another great tip I’ve found is that the site rates the hikes from easy, moderate, to strenuous so you know what to expect. Again, not only will you get to work out your whole body by hiking, but you will also get to take in the beauty of God’s wonderful creation while you’re at it! Also, when hiking, it’s exciting to know you have a destination to get to at the end whether that be a waterfall, a gorgeous view, etc. I’ve come to find that when you hike, especially in groups, you get to experience both the intimate time of relationship building with others and the excitement of accomplishing something together. There’s nothing like reaching your destination and enjoying time with people while you take in the beautiful scenery.


When I was a kid growing up in the 90s, I loved to skate. I would skate with my friends for hours. It was just a fun activity to do. Somewhere along the line I stopped, but in the recent year I’ve seen more people skating and it’s been a huge flashback for me. Skating can be a good workout, especially for your legs! I recently went skating for the first time in years for only about an hour, and boy, was I exhausted afterward! Not only was it a workout I wasn’t expecting, but it was fun as well. Whether you choose to go skating in your neighborhood, at the beach, the park, etc. skating is a fun summer option that can help you get in a good workout and enjoy the outdoors as well!

Jogging at the Beach

A great summer workout is jogging at the beach. Maybe the idea of jogging during the summer doesn’t sound like a good idea to you due to the heat, but keep in mind that the temperature at the beach is relatively cooler than in the city. Not only is the weather cooler in the early morning and evening, but if you choose to jog ON the beach, you’re in for a good workout. I’ve jogged on the beach and let me tell you, the resistance from the sand definitely helps your body get a good workout! Not only that, but the scenery is beautiful. There’s something about the sound of the water hitting the shore, listening to the wind blowing, breathing in that beach air, and hearing the sound of people having fun; all these things to me shout summer. If you’re a jogger or runner and haven’t jogged/ran at the beach, I would suggest trying it out this summer. A change of scenery is always nice.

Outdoor Yoga

Maybe you have never attempted yoga, but I can say from experience that it’s a good exercise that has peaceful benefits. I’ve seen yoga classes done outdoors whether at a local park or at the beach. What I love about yoga is it really helps you become more flexible (due to the fact that it’s mostly stretching exercises) and it also helps you become more relaxed, which is great if you’re like me and find yourself pretty tense at times. If you’re looking for an exercise that isn’t as intense, but also has health benefits I would suggest trying to find yourself an outdoor yoga class! Not only will you be able to get in some vitamin D, but you’ll also learn techniques/postures to help increase flexibility while helping to promote relaxation at the same time.


This one may seem simple, but walking is great exercise. One thing I have always loved about summer is going on evening walks through my neighborhood. For me, summer evening walks are the best. I love watching the sun set in the warm summer air as I walk by people’s houses; seeing people sitting outside talking or watching their TVs glow in the fallen sunlight with their doors open to let out the heat, it reminds me that all around me people are living life. You’ll find there are a lot of things you don’t notice until you start walking. Whether you choose to take a stroll through your neighborhood, at a park, somewhere in your area, walking can be a great outdoor workout.

If you chose to enjoy any of these 5 outdoor workouts this summer or decide on something else, I want to leave you with this Scripture:

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

– Romans 1:20

When you do any outdoor activity, especially in the summer, you can’t help but notice the beauty of creation. From the sun setting to the ocean waves, God has clearly made Himself known, as this verse says. There have been many times that I have stared at the ocean and marveled at how vast it is, how small I am compared to it, and how big God is! As I have gone on hikes, reached my destination, and stared off into the view, I can’t help but thank God for what He has created. There’s truly nothing like it. As you embark on your summer adventures, my prayer is that you take time in between to gaze into the beauty of creation. There is so much to see and take in. It’s easy to overlook the little things, especially when you’re working out, but I hope that as you take breaks, you soak in the beauty that surrounds you, whether it’s at the beach, at the park, while on a hike, or even in your own neighborhood, all the details point to a Creator.