Hope Quotes

Hope Quotes
An Exclusive Look at Arhieved MM Interview Content

By Ben Courson

On Beauty Obsessed Culture

“I’m watching the depression among women who feel insecure because the average girl, by the age of twelve sees 77 thousand 500 ads, by the age of thirteen, 53% of girls are unhappy by the way they look, by the age of seventeen that skyrockets 27% to 48%. So, I just see this despair among girls who have to compare themselves to this unrealistic image on social media and I wanted to give people hope by reminding people that Paul changed the world in a culture obsessed with beauty.”

“When posts tell us that we can’t measure up, because look at this photoshopped model, we need to remember that’s not real and that’s not the only way to impact culture. Just to have a more optimistic view of reality that the same model that looks so confident has her own insecurities and that’s not the whole story.”

On Jesus Honoring Women

“Women were honored by the Bible in a day where a Samaritan woman was treated as having less value than a person’s donkey. And that was the very person that Jesus spoke the longest to. It was Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman. As a Rabbi in that time, you were not even allowed to speak to women in a prolonged way.  And that is exactly what Jesus did.  He said, ‘Women, be thou loosed.’ That is one of my favorite phrases .He was speaking to a woman in the synagogue who was bent over for 18 years. But there is a metaphor in that. He is saying in an area where the Greek civilization crushes over woman, Jesus says, ‘be loosed woman.’ He came to free the woman. He said in John 8, ‘Woman, where are thou accusers?’ When he was giving a paradigm for giving he said, ‘Look at the widow who gave of her two mites.  She has given more than these religious Pharisee males who are casting in large sums and trumpeting it.  For Jesus, he has an amazing ability to esteem and honor woman in a time when not stoning a woman was very anarchic and anti-establishment and rebellious in that culture.”

On Objectification of Women and Giving Them a Voice:

“So, in today’s culture, we tend to objectify woman and we treat woman as a body that just happens to have a spirit, when really woman are spiritual beings who just so happen to have a human experience. Women are daughters of the King. I just think woman need to have more of a voice. Because over the centuries, their voice has been drowned out by cavemen, and it’s so sad. So that is kind of what I endorse. And I think if we objectify woman for too long, we are going to go down as the caveman generation. And posterity is going to be ashamed of us, and we need to be careful of that.”

On Social Media and Self Esteem

“Just because it’s a subject, doesn’t mean you can’t get addicted to it. I think what people fail to realize, even if you did become prettier than this person or more well connected, or have a bigger platform, or more followers than the person you are comparing yourself with, it still wouldn’t be enough. Even if you conquer yourself, your going to compare yourself with people who aren’t real! It’s just not worth comparing ourselves with other people because it will end up destroying our joy, to the point that even if we do get a bigger platform than others, there will be other people we are going to compare ourselves with even if they are fictitious, people in our imagination, because that is OFTEN what they are doing with the magic of all the filters and stuff.”