Q&A: Alena Pitts

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Pitts and For Girls Like You)

Q&A: Alena Pitts

By MM Team MAK (Marissa, Alyssa, and Kailyn)

Guys!!! We are excited to share some good news with you!! Our “Tween” section is now partnering with a new magazine for young girls called For Girls Like You!!! Marked Ministry has the privilege of also being featured in the “What’s Up?” section of their May/June Issue, which is out NOW!!! To start the party, our very own MM tween team – Marissa, Alyssa, and Kailyn (AKA Team MAK) – got to chat with War Room’s Alena Pitts on all things summer! FUN!! So, tell the tween/teen in your life to check out this new issue and don’t forget to share with friends!!! Enjoy!!!

MAK: What message do you want tweens to take from your career, and why is it important to you?

Alena: A message that I would want tweens to take from my career, or just my life in general, is that, obviously, we can plan all we want – and that there is nothing wrong with that – but God ultimately has the final say. Everything in my life, I’ve never planned for, but, I’ve planned for lots of other things that have not happened. It’s all for the better, like God has really shown me what my dreams are, and I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I thought I wanted to do all this stuff, but you know, He has me on the road that I’m on now.

MAK: Do you like to travel a lot during the summer? What was your most favorite place that you visited?

Alena: I do like to travel a lot, not necessarily during the summer though. I’m more of a homebody. However, I do like to go to some places, so I’m going to Colorado this summer – and I am super, super, excited about that because it’s Colorado! I love the mountains, so I’m always up to go to the mountains. But, I’m not necessarily a traveler during the summer. My most favorite place that I’ve visited is definitely Israel. It was a life changing experience, and I loved every second of it. I got to spend two weeks there with my mom, and it was a lot of fun.

MAK: How did you react when you found out that you were in the movie War Room, and how did that impact your career?

Alena: When I found out that I was in the movie War Room, I reacted in tears. I was not expecting to get the part, and it was very surprising. I’ve never acted before, and so it was very emotional; I was grateful to God. But then also I was like, starstruck, or like, in awe of the fact that God would choose me to do something like that. It impacted my career by kind of kick-starting my singing, etc. So, I had more doors opened to me because of the movie and things like that.

MAK: What do you enjoy doing with your sisters in the summertime?

Alena: Honestly, sleeping. We love to sleep, all of us, so we sleep a lot during the summer. But, we also like to play soccer outside and things like that; so, we’re outdoorsy people. We usually play outside a lot like, swim, all of the basic summer stuff – road trips.

MAK: After War Room, did you audition or take part in other major acting debuts? What is coming up ahead for you?

Alena: So, after War Room, I did audition for a couple of things. I made it to callbacks and things like that but, ultimately, I’m not pursuing that. It was fun, and I really did enjoy it and I would jump for the opportunity to do it again. I did do modeling after that, though. So, I modeled for JC Penney’s, Belk and a couple of other things.

MAK: Have you ever been out of the country before?

Alena: Yes, I have. Like I said earlier, I’ve been to Israel, and it was my favorite place to go. I would love to go back some day, probably soon, and it was amazing. The food was amazing, the people there were amazing, and I loved everything about it.

MAK: With all of the things that you juggle, how do you handle the stress?

Alena: This is something that I do not do perfectly. I’m a very easily stressed out person, so I have to continue to read the Bible and continue to pray because the moment that I stop doing both of those things I begin to get off track. It has become so common that now I know the warning signs. So, if I’m tired or I feel a certain way, I’m like, ‘you need to get your head back in the Bible’ ‘you need to start talking to Jesus because the stress and stuff is going to take over, and you don’t want that.’ I am not good at handling stress, but God is working on that with me.

MAK: What inspired you to write the book series “Lena in the Spotlight?”

Alena: So, actually, my mom was the one that was inspired to write the book with me. I kind of just followed her lead and said ‘Yes’ continually, and I loved it. And so, one day, she just came into the room and she was like, ‘Lena I think we should write a book.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be fun.’ I was like twelve, and so you know that’s not common. Like twelve-year-olds usually don’t get to write a book and things like that. But my mom wanted to do it, and then we prayed about it. A couple weeks later, a book publishing company emailed us and asked if we would write a three-book series “Lena in the Spotlight.”

MAK: Have you ever doubted God? If so, when and why?

Alena: We as humans continually doubt God, but He does come through, and He proves Himself to be true, time and time again. One of the main times in my life that I doubted God is definitely when my mom passed away, and then other things like just basic things of life. But now, one of the main things that I doubt God over is like why he had to take my mom and like all those kinds of things. So, a lot of times that I’m grieving with things like that I do question God; and I think you can question Him.  He continues to prove that He’s real, and that He has better plans, so I continue to trust in Him.

MAK: What is coming up ahead for you?

Alena: I don’t know – whatever God has in store for me. I am not a big plan-a-header anymore because God has proven to me that he has better plans.

To find out more about Alena, visit alenapitts.com, AND check out Marked Ministry in the “What’s Up?” section by picking up your May/June Issue of For Girls Like You at forgirlslikeyou.com

To find our more about Alena visit alenapitts.com AND check out Marked Ministry in the “What’s Up?” section by picking up your May/June Issue of For Girls Like You at forgirlslikeyou.com