MM Men’s Professional Dress Guide: Summer 2019

(Photos by Natalie Baugh)

MM Men’s Professional Dress Guide: Summer 2019

By Sarah Komisky

School has ended. You made it through graduation and you’re off to the professional world. Whether it’s your first internship, job for your career, or your first professional interview, we’re here for you! This photo shoot goes out to all the boys who’ve grown up. You got this and we’re here to make this experience a little easier – with a touch of finesse. No slacks or slim fits? No problem! We got a look for you! Start with the basics. A few button-down shirts are a must. Don’t forget dark wash denim jeans and fitted trousers. A slim fit makes any guy not only feel good but look the part. While it’s too hot for tweed, opt for another, light weight blazer and even a cardigan if you’re feeling brave. Dark eyeglasses also look preppy and sharp. You also can’t go wrong with a few ties and belts. Brown and black leather shoes are go-to’s for everyday on the job. Another good investment is a functional bag. Don’t be scared – it’s practical and masculine. More importantly, think about how you won’t have to carry your laptop, tablet, blah blah blah. It’s not enough to just have pockets for your keys and wallet 😊 Lastly, a good watch as well as a haircut are both great investments. Remember to be you and play around by adding your own flair, maybe some color, some texture, or even incorporate a certain style in the mix by going vintage, hipster, nerdy, sporty, rocker, or boho. It’s totally up to you! Be bold. Be confident. Be a world changer.

For some extra inspiration, take a look at this photo shoot with our MM in-house model, Johnny Reed to get yourself off and running!