A Modest Twist on 5 Fall Fashion Trends

(Photos by Megan Nelson)

A Modest Twist on 5 Fall Fashion Trends

By Hannah Darrow and Sarah Komisky

Modesty is a topic that comes up a lot in churches and youth groups, one that a girl who’s grown up in the church sadly dreads because it becomes so repetitive. However, dressing modestly is so much more than just covering a certain amount of square inch of skin. Dressing modestly is part of living a pure life. The heart of the matter comes from a desire to honor God and others through our clothing choices. But it doesn’t mean not being fashionable or not being creative.

When you think of a modesty, what do you picture? Dresses down to the floor and covering your shoulders at all times? Not exactly. You can still look cute while being tasteful. God is a creator and artist, therefore, we in turn should celebrate how we express ourselves through the art of fashion.

Christ followers have unfortunately been notorious for making fashion about rule following, draining away all the fun. However, It’s not about that. Instead of feeling like you “can’t” wear something trending this season or have to ditch every popular store that sells short shorts or crops tops, let’s take a look at how we can express our style and incorporate some fall tends while keeping it modest.

  1. Shirts/Tanks 

There are so many shirts out there that are so cute, but would not be great if nothing is worn under them. We’ve found that buying a tank top or cami that matches the shade of the shirt and wearing it underneath is very helpful. That way, you can still wear it!

  1. High Wasted Jeans

Crop tops are so in style right now but you don’t have to pitch yours out so quickly! Our favorite solution to not reveal too much tummy is high-waisted jeans! You can pair a longer cropped shirt with these jeans so your stomach won’t show. It’s an easy fix and you’ll look super stylish.

  1. Longer Shirts Over Leggings

Something that is “in” right now is wearing crop tops with tight leggings/yoga pants. Yeah, this one may seem fun, but also is a little too form fitting. And  ladies, the sheer material doesn’t work well in the sun. Just saying. I know, leggings are our go-to because they are so comfortable. However, our biggest solution is to not get rid of all of them, but instead, compliment with a loose, longer shirt or tank top over them instead.

  1. DIY Shorts

So many shorts these days are way too short and it is hard to find a decent, modest length that is also cute! One of our best friends goes to the thrift store and buys jeans, and then cuts them to her desired length! She’ll buy some in the men’s section so it’s a looser fit. This way, you’ll save money and find a good length! Fall is also a great time to play around with shorts with tights, boyfriend jean shorts with sweaters, and longer trousers with a tucked in shirt.  Trouser high wasted shorts are also fun and classy. Go off grid and look for retro trends that you can play with in the season and the thrift store is a goldmine for great finds!

  1. Tank Tops and Cami’s

Instead of wearing a lace bralette under low cut tops, consider buying a bandeau. These look more like a tank top, and can help you with this issue! And, another great solution is layers and you can’t go wrong with them for fall.

There you go! Five easy solutions that will hopefully curve your discouragement at the mall. Remember, modesty is not about legalism, it’s about making choices that not only honor God, but also honor others and yourself. You are so much more than your body, and your true beauty and value does not come from your outward appearance, but from Christ alone. We hope this article frees you up to have a little fun with your wardrobe. Go off grid. Create your own look. Incorporate some trends. Be you and enjoy it! May this article overall encourage you to have respect for yourself because you are so worth it.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

– Romans 12:2