Trusting God, Even When I Don’t Understand

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Trusting God, Even When I Don’t Understand

By Alyssa

Hey guys, it’s Alyssa! This month’s topic was given as a free assignment, meaning that I could write about anything. So I decided to write about what I have been learning during this “shift” in my life…

My mom and I recently moved from California to Texas. This meant that I had to leave behind my friends and family, so that I can transition into a new chapter of my life. This was definitely a place of struggle, to be able to trust that God was doing, and still is doing, something better in my life! It is still not clear what is happening right now. We are in a small city, but we are going back to a bigger one on soon. This is a huge place of struggle for me to trust God, because I really dislike the city I am in now (hate is a strong word, lol). But I have to continuously tell myself that there is a reason God put us here to stay for a month. And I believe that this is a learning process, to teach myself to hear God clearly and to trust that he knows what he is doing. But let me tell you… it is so incredibly hard!!

Another thing that is hard to understand is that my mom and I don’t have our own place! We have literally been living out of our suitcases. I am so incredibly thankful, though, to be staying at my mom’s cousin’s house. I love it so much! I have also been trying to hear God better. It is really hard because His voice is not a booming sound from the clouds. He sometimes speaks through music to get to me, and He can sometimes speak through a person to get a specific message to me. I am also trying to keep focused on what is in front of me. I am usually excited for what’s down the road rather than enjoying the moment. So, I am training my brain to stop thinking about the future and enjoy the moment. And don’t get me wrong, it is OK to think about your future and to pray for it, but when you are consumed or constantly thinking about it all day and every day, then you know that there is a problem. Here is a quick example. I am actually still going through this, but I want to be an actress. I have always loved performing for people and putting together skits. I have also loved filming. In fact, I have a YouTube channel. And so I think I would love to be an actress. However, I am trying to train myself to focus on other things right now. I am also trying to tell myself that if this isn’t what God wants for me, that I need to be OK with it.

So, to tie all of that together. I am trying to teach myself to trust God even when it doesn’t make any sense, and to be open to what God is trying to put in and take out of my life. I encourage you guys to be in the moment and pay attention to what God is doing.

Thank you so much for reading this article! Hope you have a wonderful day today!!