Editor’s Note: September, 2020

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Editor’s Note: September, 2020

By Sarah Komisky

Uniqueness. I think it’s what intrigues us, yet, it’s what we fear at the same time. How does that dichotomy work? I’m not really sure. But what I do know is that everyone possesses it and everyone at some point or another is afraid to own it.

The scariest thing for many of us is not public speaking, fear of heights, or even creepy crawly creatures like snakes or spiders. Deep down, it’s the fear of unveiling our true self. The one we ourselves know. The one full of crazy dreams, little quirks, human flaws, struggles of our own breed, yet wild, lovely, and mysteriously wonderful. Although many just meet the exterior version of ourselves filled with it’s own distinct intrigue, we still don’t see ourselves that way. Grasping to always be someone else, something else, something accepted, we chameleon our way through life to prevent rejection. Meanwhile, we resent the version of a carbon copy we’ve become and are weary from the work of maintaining it.

Secretly, the longing is to be known, seen, heard, and sought out for who we truly are. However, many of us aren’t sure how to get there.

Whether some of us are facing teenage insecurities, us grown-ups are still navigating those areas, the packing just looks a little different. Same problem. Same warped politics.

“That person just unfollowed me. What did I do? What’s wrong with me?”

“What if they think _________ about me?”

“They look really happy on Instagram, why don’t I have that?”

“I’m still single – why doesn’t anyone ask me out?”

“Seriously, I only got ten likes on this post!?”

“Do I look fat? Why does she look so skinny? I wish I could look like her.”

“At least they have a career, I don’t. I guess I’m not that smart.”

“I can’t afford that, but I’m going to look so outdated if I wear these old clothes.”

“Of course she likes that guy, I guess I have to workout more.”

“Why are they hanging out and didn’t invite me?”

“Nobody looks like me. I don’t fit in”

“I hate my stomach. It isn’t flat enough. I’m so cutting down on carbs.”

“I feel so left out. Everyone knows each other except me. They probably think I’m weird.”

If you haven’t laughed out loud at the scary resemblances these thoughts have to yours at one time or another, I would say you probably in denial or perhaps thought of yourself too highly. That’s another story for another day.

For now, let’s be real and agree that we don’t outgrow insecurities when we graduate high school. Many of them follow us. Haunt and gnaw at us. That is, until we learn how to manage and rid them of our lives, putting us out of misery and opening up opportunity to live life embracing our true selves, flaws and all.

We at MM truly believe in this time where we universally have a little more solitude and time to self-reflect, it can be used for good. One of the ways we can do so is to use this time to process pain, insecurity, and faulty thinking.

With this “Uniqueness” issue, we hope you will be able to process those areas that hold you back from offering your true self to the world. Ultimately, we believe we are loved by a God who loves and knows us on a completely transparent level, yet, still accepts us. No only that, a God who sees our value as individuals.

If you don’t mind, we hope this issue can help recover as we re-define who we are to God, ourselves, and others. Hopefully, we pray our conversations can dismantle some of the major and current stigmas out that hinder our uniqueness and pray as we uncover who we truly are, we can learn to see the beauty in ourselves and in others as well.

As unkindness runs rampant, we hope it can be rekindled in order to start a movement of love.

To accompany us in this journey, we’ve invited a few friends such as Hillsong Y&F to discover the uniqueness of God. Dr. Evans from San Diego Christian College to share her uniqueness story. Podcaster and author Jamie Ivey to share her book excerpt from “You be You,” and the popular singer-songwriter, Leanna Crawford, to share the unique stories behind her songs.

We’ve also brought along the MM team to share their real-life stories of uniqueness with you along with some pop culture discussions, biblical encouragement, and even a fun how-to!

Overall, we hope the message rings loud and clear this month: You are accepted. You are unique!