Writer: Kris Ann K. Erickson

(Photo courtesy of Kris Ann K. Erickson)

Kris Ann K. Erickson is a Family Ministry Associate at Cedarbrook Church in Menomonie, WI. She has 18 years of experience as a leader in women’s ministry, and 10 years of experience directing children’s ministry.  The most life giving aspects of Kris Ann’s vocation are preparing and teaching Bible lessons, mentoring up-and-coming leaders, and creating safe spaces for spiritual growth. She is incredibly excited to encourage the readers of Marked Ministry to know and live for God.   Kris Ann’s ideal day includes black coffee, real people and rich conversation.  She feels especially called to minister to those who are suffering in some way, finding it a privilege to respond to people in pain.

Kris Ann and husband Dale lead a blended family of four young men (ages 4, 15, 19, 20), a dog and a cat in Menomonie, Wisconsin.   To refresh, Kris Ann loves to laugh, hike, get lost in gift shops, try new foods, lie in the sun, make jewelry and listen to podcasts. She dislikes snoring, arrogance and liver.