How-To: New Year, New You Evening Home Spa


(Photo courtesy of Tori Martin)

How-To: New Year, New You Evening Home Spa

By Tori Martin

New Year, New You Evening Home Spa:

Step 1. First set the scene. Think tidy house, tidy mind. You wouldn’t expect to arrive at a messy spa retreat so why should your home spa be any different?! Pick up the towels, wipe over the mirrors, and dust off the blinds.

Step 2. Play gentle soft music in the background. Instrumental is always relaxing and there are hundreds of spa inspired playlists out there online. I highly recommend a personal favorite of mine which is The Lofi Chill Christian Instrumental Worship Beats by Stephen Bradley (@mrstephenbradley) on Spotify which is absolutely perfect for your home spa experience. If music isn’t your thing, download an audio scriptures app like You Version Holy Bible App and soak in God’s glorious word. It’s like a massage for the soul.

Step 3. Upgrade your bath with either luxurious bath bombs, salts, essential oils, or just a sweet beautiful smelling bubble bath. Whatever you choose, fragrance is key! As we aim for relaxation, look for scents like vanilla, jasmine, ylang ylang, or lavender.

Step 4. Set the ambiance with a calm gentle glow. Candles are perfect for this as they help create calmness and aid relaxation. My favorites include Light Up A Life Candles (@lualcandles) which not only smell divine and look pretty but 5% of the purchase price goes to charity. This will give you an added instant boost of feel-good feelings that only come when we help others. Happy days! And if like me, you absolutely love the soothing sound of crackling wood on a fireplace, then look no further than the Woodwick Candles which crackle as they burn. Pure bliss!

Step 5. It’s now time to slowly sink into the heavenly bathtub which awaits you and… relax. Whilst enjoying the warm waters, pop on a facemask, and maybe read a book, or just spend some time in quiet prayer. Note: If your music is playing from an electronic device such as your mobile phone or tablet, put it somewhere out of reach so you cannot get distracted. Also, Blue Light is never good before bed!

Step 6. When it’s time to retreat from the tub (at the point when your skin represents a crinkled crisp) make sure you have a warm fluffy towel and slippers ready waiting for you. Once dry, it’s time to moisturize not just your face but your body too. Choose a moisturizer which hydrates your face and a luxurious rich body cream or butter to soak into your body. Why not stop there and continue your pampering with other beauty treatments? Think nail painting, hand massage, or a cooling eye mask for those tired eyes before you drift off into a wonderfully, peaceful night’s sleep. But don’t forget to say your prayers first!