Everlasting Father

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Everlasting Father

By Michelle Ochen

Hearing the title “father” can bring a diverse picture in each of our minds. A warm feeling for some, maybe even bringing a smile to the face as memories race across the mind. Yet, for others it can be a sad or fearful image or something that reminds them of a void. The term father holds more than just a title, but a picture we all have in our heads based off of the example we saw, whether good or bad, in our earthly fathers.

The holidays gather family around, and the presence or absence of a father seem to come with it. I believe that God tactfully included a description of “father” in His description of Jesus, the world’s most precious gift. Isaiah 9:6 proclaims that He will be called “Everlasting Father.” A father who does not change, who always was and always will be. A father who keeps His word, not a single promise from His lips will ever fail (1 Kings 8:56). He is a good father, despite the picture you may have seen growing up (Psalm 84:11). His fatherhood can be trusted. He is also a father to the fatherless, meaning He knows that not all had a father figure in their life, and he fills that void (Psalm 68:5).

This year as you prepare to gather around the table with family, I hope that the reality of the fatherhood of Jesus is real to you. If things are good between you and your earthly father, I hope it gives you a reason to rejoice. But if things are hard this year, I hope you hold onto the reality that Jesus, our greatest Christmas gift, presented Himself as an everlasting father – He can fill whatever your heart is needing this year in regards to a father in your life.