How-To: DIY Winter Wonderland

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

How-To: DIY Winter Wonderland

By Tori Martin

It’s time to get creative and give your garden a winter wonderland revamp by transforming it into your very own magical Christmas Market! If you don’t have an outdoor space, this works just as well indoors. Here’s how you do it:

Step1. Assign each family member with their very own “job” to do to contribute to your winter wonderland. Here are a few “job” ideas:

  • Bake yummy traditional mince pies, cookies, and mini pecan pies.
  • Make delicious hot chocolate beverages topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a festive cinnamon stick.
  • One for the kids: Get messy and create small homemade Christmas tree decorations. All you need is salt dough, Christmas mold templates (remember to put a small hole in your mold for the ribbon to go through before baking), ribbon, PVA glue, glitter, paint, and your Christmas imagination!
  • Choose a party game or a board game which will suit all the family.

Step 2. Decorate the space where your Christmas market will take place. Think twinkling fairy lights, your very best decorations on display, a seating area, and a stall area (dining room table works just fine!) And don’t forget those festive tunes to create the perfect atmosphere!

Step 3. And now it’s time to wrap up all cozy (if you’re outdoors) and enjoy your homemade Christmas market! Tuck into the homemade grub, sing along, and have a little boogie to the Christmas sounds. Play your chosen family games and just cherish this special time with your loved ones.