Hosting The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show!


(Photo courtesy of Tori Martin)

Hosting The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show!

By Tori Martin

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still sadly here on planet Earth. This means for the majority of us, 2020’s Christmas celebrations are going to look ever so slightly different from years past.

But hey, let’s not be a grinch about it. Let’s choose to enjoy a not so normal Christmas and embrace “staying at home for the holidays” with this fabulously festive how-to idea. This idea is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun, joy, laughter, and of course those all-important precious memory making moments!

Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show:

Get ready to strike a pose and strut your stuff in your very own family Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show! Who will be crowned that all-important Mr. or Miss Ugly Christmas Sweater? Will it be Grandma? Uncle George? Or will the kids claim victory royale over the adults?

Here is your step-to-step guide on how to create the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show in 6 simple steps!

Step 1. Every show needs a Host/Hostess. Before sending out invitations to your wannabe models, decide who will present the show and keep all the divas in line! The Host /Hostess should dress for the occasion. Think game show sparkle style together with your biggest smile! And don’t forget your microphone (or in our household – the classic let’s pretend with a hairbrush!)

Step 2. Send out your invites for the event to all your family members via Zoom together with a list of requirements for the competition. Try and give your recipients at least a two week notice so they have plenty of time to design and create their masterpieces! Tell them to think big and outside the box. They don’t need to stop at the ugliest sweater no, no! They can use novelty glasses, hats, and earrings to complement their ugly sweaters. Remind them that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. The uglier the better! Models must also select and provide a festive tune to walk down to for their catwalk debut. All ugly sweaters must come with an introductory comedy name which sums up perfectly their creative creation. For the family members who wish to not take part, tell them to tune in anyway. They can sit in the front row, bring a few snacks, and enjoy the extravagant Christmas catwalk show!

Step 3.  A few days before the live show, the Host/Hostess needs to check in with all the family models. The Host/Hostess needs to find out the introductory names of the sweaters, arrange who they will be calling out, and introduce in which order.

Step 4. The big day has finally arrived! When everyone is ready, the Host/Hostess welcomes all and talks everyone through how the show is going to work. Once everyone knows what they are doing, the Host/Hostess can start to present the first model. The Host/Hostess needs to remember to remind the model to start their music before they start walking down their runway!

Whilst the family member is modeling their ugly Christmas sweater, the Host/Hostess needs to read out the name of the fashion piece. The Host/Hostess should encourage all models to finish their performance by striking a pose!

Step 5. Once all the models have done their thing, it’s now time to vote! Tell everyone to either write down their favorite sweater look without letting anyone else to see. The Host/Hostess needs to go through everyone and ask them to read out their vote one by one. The Host/Hostess then count up all the votes and announce who has been crowned Mr. or Miss Ugly Sweater 2020! Whoop, whoop!

Step 6. Allow the winner to do a victory walk down the runway once again and soak up all the attention!