How Will COVID-19 Change Your Holidays, Or Will It?

(Photo by Wilfried Pohnke courtesy of Pixabay)

How Will COVID-19 Change Your Holidays, Or Will It?

By Zelda Dominguez

Entering the holiday season, I love listening to Christmas music and of course, watching Christmas movies! 2020 has been so different with the pandemic. Who knew the song, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” would be literal, and the movie “Home Alone,” would take on a different meaning?

During this year, there has definitely been some “firsts” which includes all the rules and regulations required during Covid-19. I never imagined it to change our whole lives. Let’s look at how we can still enjoy the holidays and know what to expect.

Santa will not be coming to town: Holiday parades that kick off the season are being cancelled or just aired on TV with no public attendance. Many malls will not have the jolly old fellow available for kids to take pictures with. For some kids, he will look very different behind the plexiglass and mask or talk to him on a screen.

Baking: If you aren’t all baked out from the many things you’ve baked already, you should be an expert baker for the holiday goodies. What I learned during the sheltering in place is that there is no need to cook enough dinner for eight people when there’s just two people. But dessert of course, should still be made for at least twelve!

Shelter in Place: You may be working from home or be a couch potato and still be considered a responsible adult! Think of all the time you have to decorate and do all the things you’d say you never had time for.

Holiday Outfits: No need to stress what to wear. PJs or sweats seem to be trending now, even yoga pants and a nice shirt or top as you zoom when you have your work meetings. Just remember not to stand up.

Winter Break: The kids and teachers used to look forward to two weeks of Christmas vacation from school. However, this whole year has been somewhat of a vacation from attending school. Anyone needing a break are the parents. Kudos to them.

Masks: We’ve come a long way with mask fashion. At first, it was a bandana with a coffee filter in it. Now scarves that bank robbers used to wear have become the norm. There are masks with sports teams, Disney characters, glitter or big smiles. Even a Darth Vader helmet and face shield won’t protect you from Covid-19, but it will help you with social distancing.

Singing or Caroling: What about lip syncing? I find it hard to sing with a mask on, so maybe hum? Perhaps it’s better that way. Instead of having to belt out the new songs that have come out like Disinfect the Halls, Oh, CDC… Oh, CDC!

Toilet Paper:  Yet again, there seems to be a shortage. It has become a hot commodity with bartering value. Who knew? They make great stocking stuffers.

Travel:  Traveling is not recommended. 68% will travel less this year. My travel itinerary this season will be my bedroom to the kitchen. Then, it will be a stay in the living room and then a quick jaunt in the office for online shopping. Next, it will be back to the kitchen and then lunch in the family room. Then, it will be doing the nails and facial in the bathroom. Next, it will be a five-star dinner in the dining room. Afterwards, it will be watching movies. Repeat.

Parties: The days of parties are gone, but no worries. Through the world of zoom and other technology, we can still gather. Now, there are many kinds of virtual parties which includes baking, Zumba, painting, gift exchange, tree lighting, birthday, showers, karaoke, themed parties, scavenger hunts, dates, concerts, and even weddings.

We need a little humor once in a while to go through these ever-changing times. All kidding aside, when 2020 began, we had no idea what this year would entail. This holiday season, don’t let anything come in the way of the reason for the season, the celebration of the birth of Christ.

“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”

– John 4:9-11

“Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

– Hebrew 13:8