In The World But Not of It

(Graphic artwork by McKenzi Matsick and fashion photos courtesy of Pinterest)

In The World But Not of It

By Tori Martin

Brace yourselves ladies: “Sexy” is officially back in the world of fashion. Lord have mercy, it’s at full throttle! Think leather, lace, and latex. Hmmm okay… so maybe not the most “Christian” look I hear you say. As a girl who has a big heart for Jesus and a smaller one for fashion, I had to ask the question — “How can we, as Godly women, be in the world but not of it when it comes to the world of fashion?”

As Christian women living in a world which is dominated by the question “who wore that?” together with the pressure of “this is how all women should look to be fully accepted by society” I have to say, it can be a little overwhelming. I just want to love Jesus and wear the pretty shoes. Which leads me to confess, I truly believe that as Christian women, we can still enjoy the latest trends. However, not always in the way that the world instructs if it’s going to compromise our walk in purity. Because if I’m going to have to choose over Jesus and the pretty shoes, Jesus is going to win every single time. If you actually sit down and think about it for a second, we are making these kinds of choices every single day in our Christian walk. For example, the world tells us to have sex with multiple partners. God tells us to wait until marriage, and so we choose to do so. And it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to what we wear. So yes girls, we can wear the leather and the lace (not sure how I feel about the latex so we’ll leave that one out) in a way where our faith and fashion can respectfully meet. It is also a way that honours and represents our beautiful God and the beautiful bodies He gave us.

Allow me to show you how:

First up the leather pants. A must have piece for any wardrobe right now. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also keep you nice and warm in these cold winter months, what’s not to love?! And don’t just play it safe with the classic black. Be bold and brave with your leather pants and go for some colour. Burgundy, olive green, red, and camel all add some wow to your winter look.

Team your skinny leathers with a cozy chunky knit sweater, your favourite loose T-shirt, or a chic blazer. And don’t forget to finish your look with chunky DM’s, killer heels, or your forever favourite pair of sneakers. With leather skinnies the possibilities are endless!

Skinnies are not quite your thing? Then fear not. Another comeback this season is the wide leg trouser and it is everywhere. Dressed up or dressed down it really doesn’t matter; they will still make an impact. Add some sophistication to them with classy heels or wear them like the cool kids with platform sneakers. Sporty hoodies, turtleneck sweaters, casual t-shirts and elegant blouses will finish off your look perfectly.

Not quite feeling the leather trousers? Then dig out your leather jacket (you know you still have it) and rock it with pretty much anything. To give it a fresh look, team it with a chunky scarf and your favourite sweatpants. Perfect for us lockdown gals who need to pop out for our daily essentials. And don’t forget the leather pencil or midi skirt which oozes sophistication. Or why not keep it simple and add a touch of leather to your luscious locks with a leather headband.

Next up, it’s oh la la lace! Think white lace Victorian style blouses tucked into your favourite pair of jeans or leather pencil skirt. Lace embroidered t-shirts teamed with smart culottes and white trainers screams effortless chic. Pretty pastel pencil skirts look fabulous with a fitted sweater and low heels. Special occasion coming up? Go all out a la Duchess of Cambridge and opt for a stunning and elegant lace dress. Who said lace was just for your Grandma’s tablecloth?

And who said satin was just for your pj’s?! Wear this beautiful material in the form of smart silky shirts with your office wide leg trousers or add some wow by wearing them with your tired jeans. Slinky midi skirts with chunky knitwear and lace up boots look super cute. My personal favourite way to wear smooth satin is a slip dress over a casual t-shirt or fitted jumper teamed with ankle boots! Woah, looking good girl!