Guest Writer: Anna Kettle

(Photo courtesy of Anna Kettle)

Anna Kettle is a christian writer and blogger. Her first book, ‘Sand Between Your Toes: Inspirations for a Slower, Simpler & More Soulful Life’ is out now. 

This beautifully presented book is an inspiring collection of daily devotions, hope-filled prayers and practical tips and ideas that will encourage readers to slow down, simplify and find God’s peace each day amid life’s many complications.

Anna is a coffee lover, bookworm, travel enthusiast, music fan, keen foodie, gatherer of people, and a big believer in the healing power of words.

She is married to husband Andy, and mom to their little boy, Ben. They live in the beautiful waterfront city of Liverpool, England. 

For more on Anna visit and to pick up your very own copy of her new book, click this direct link here!