Guest Writer: Nova Page

(Photo courtesy of The Rock Church San Diego)

Nova was born and raised in Canada on a turkey farm and began singing at the age of two. She grew up in the church and received Christ at five years old. I spoke with Nova to learn a little more about her journey as a woman of God, singer, pastor and worship leader. Her husband Ricky serve as leaders at Rock Church San Diego.

She has been married for over twenty years and has two children, Elisha and Shiloh. Her mom taught her about prayer, and after giving my life over to the Lord, she remembers knowing that she would serve Jesus Christ forever. She began singing professionally at thirteen and has been a singer and songwriter for many years now. Her career got started in the secular music industry, but she knew that this wasn’t God’s calling for her life.

Find out more about Nova and her husband Ricky by checking out their relationships YouTube channel, Marriage_ing