How To: Self-Care Tips to Nourish Your Soul

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

How To: Self-Care Tips to Nourish Your Soul

By Jasmin Patterson

Self-care. You might think it’s just the latest trend from self-help and new age movements in our culture today, but what if I told you that doesn’t have to be the case? 

We know from Scripture that God made us with a body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23) and that He desires us to be healthy in our entire being in a godly way (3 John 2). I guess you could say true self-care is really God’s idea. With that said, here are my favorite daily self-care tips! They’re not super disruptive to your routine and they’ll nourish your soul without contradicting your faith. 


Talk to God throughout the day.

Keeping constant communication with God will help you remember He’s with you all the time, not just in your scheduled devotion times (Colossians 3:16-17).

1. Before you head off to work or school, take note of a Bible verse from your last quiet time. Memorize it or write it down in your phone, on a sticky note, your journal–something you’ll have with you during the day in case you need to look back at it.

2. Take short moments to pause throughout your day and pray that verse back to God. Ask Him to help you better understand what it means and apply it to your life. Ask Him that you would experience in your life the aspects of His character or the promises of God that are mentioned in the verse.

3. Bring God into the moment. As situations come up throughout your day, pray silent prayers of thanks to God in the moment when you notice His blessings or prayers of petition when you need His help.


Get outside and move around; keep it simple. 

You not only get the benefits of physical exercise because your body is moving, but you also benefit your emotional state. Getting outside of the house alone for a few minutes and doing a simple physical activity can give you space to enjoy some silence and mentally regroup, to decompress, process your thoughts and emotions, and talk to God. 

1. Pick your activity. What I’m talking about here isn’t a full-blown workout (although, there’s a place for that!), but more a simple “refresh and regroup” activity. Go for a walk, run, bike ride or whatever you enjoy doing along those lines. 

2. Choose the best time and where to go. You can begin or end your day this way, or even use this tool in the middle of your day to help break up the monotony so you can finish the day strong. I like walking on lunch breaks or just before dinner time. A local trail or just around your neighborhood would be the perfect place. The goal here is to expose yourself to movement, fresh air, and sunlight as best you can.


Intentionally connect with people you love. 

You can do this whether you have just a few minutes or enough time for a longer connect. Either way, reaching out will be meaningful for them and for you. God designed us to give love, care and companionship to others and to receive love, care, and companionship from others.

1. Decide who to reach out to. Who are you thinking about today? Who has God specifically put on your heart? Who have you not connected with in a while? Who are your inner circle people that you want to maintain frequent contact with?

2. Take a moment to call or text one of those friends (or family members). Send them a word of encouragement, a prayer for them, something they enjoy that will make them smile, or just tell them you love them and you’re thinking about them. 

3. Let people reciprocate. When you need those moments of connection and encouragement from a trusted friend, be brave and vulnerable enough to reach out and ask. Send a text, make a call, share in person–just like you did for them. Let people love and support you when you need it too.

Feel free to try whichever of these ideas works for you!

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