Editor’s Note: March, 2021

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

Editor’s Note: March, 2021

By Sarah Komisky

“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.”

– Hosea 2:14 (NLT)

Guys, don’t check out. This one’s for you too. Actually, it’s for everyone who has been in a desert. And that includes all of us who are reading this article now.

Deserts are dry. Barren. Desolate. Parched.

In fact, due to their lack of vegetation, the surface ground is exposed, stripping, and wearing the exterior layers of earth. Therefore, animal life has difficulty thriving unless they are able to adapt and receive nourishment to survive in these conditions. So do humans.

According to research, deserts encompass both extremes of hot days and freezing nights. Hence, humans need to build fires, find shelter, take precautions with the right clothing, stay hydrated, fed, and even be prepared to face sand storms with the proper facial masks to sustain this environment.

The desert is unpredictable. Its terrain is endless and the days spent there seem long.

Does any of this sound familiar? Can you say 2020-2021?

Yet, the key component in surviving means being properly nourished. Animals. Plant life. People.

Paradoxically, the Bible mentions several stories of those who found nourishment in the wilderness. Hagar met the “God Who Sees.” The Israelites were led by a cloud at night and pillar by day while receiving manna and quail in the desert. God gave Elijah something to eat when he was ready to give up. Jesus Himself entered into the wilderness and was met with angels who nourished him when the 40 day/night temptation by the Devil ended.

Repeatedly, scripture (just like this verse in Hosea), talks about God giving nourishment in the desert. Another verse says He will provides “streams” and countless verses talk about his provision as well as unique ability to satisfy our souls in dry places.

Spiritually speaking, a dessert season is one where God knows we need nourishment the most and a place He is more than willing to provide what we need, if we would allow Him too.

While the deserts do bring extremes, they also bring a unique opportunity to be nourished by God, unparallelled to any other experience. And like Hosea noted, God nourishes us in compassion, tenderness, love, and grace. All the above are vital in the desert.

March will be the one-year mark that we have been in a pandemic, the modern desert of our lives. Yet, what we need more than ever is to be nourished. This is why we at Marked Ministry are offering the 2nd installment of our “Back to Basics” series on this very topic.

We hope to provide resources for you to get back (or discover) the things that nourish you (just like this facial spa time I had with my fellow teammate, MM Writer Kailyn). We have a new face yoga exercise article to help your skin rejuvenate, relax, and shine. Also, we will provide some how-to ideas on emotional/physical, relational, and spiritual ways you can revive daily. MM Writer Cloei and MM Writer Michelle O. will get you started with healthy food options as well as ways we can go deeper in our relationship with God. Plus, we will have a batch of new book experts from Simplified founder, Emily Ley, Family Church leaders, Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins from Family Church and newbie authoress, Anna Kettle on living the simple life.

Additionally, we will provide fresh takes on breaking from digital life, exploring questions on spirituality, how to read the Bible, what it means to encourage others, and how we can reassess our spiritual intake. We’ll get real with nurturing dad tips and change our self-talk from negative to positive.

As always, we’ll always talk about mental health and faith and this March, we’ll have a conversation about it with worship leader, author, actor, and mental health advocate, Anthony Evans Jr.

My team and I hope you will discover some new ways to nourish and flourish (as we did). But most importantly, we pray you meet the God who tenderly tends to us in the desert. May his kindness and care overshadow your desolation bringing sustaining life to your otherwise barren surroundings.

Welcome to the nourish issue.