Origins and Identity

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Origins and Identity
Lessons Learned From Captain Marvel

By Kailyn 

All her life, Vers (Captain Marvel), was taught to hate the Skrulls because they were “evil.” Her people, the Kree, and the Skrulls were constantly at war with each other. On a mission to kill the Skrulls, Vers lands on earth to chase after them. She has never been on this strange planet before (or at least that’s what she thought), but is on the hunt to find the Skrulls with the help of Nick Fury. Little by little, Vers, begins to remember things from her past life on the earth she never knew she had ever visited, none the less lived on. She soon finds out that the Skrulls are just defending themselves from the Kree and looking for a peaceful home. The Kree were raised to believe the Skrulls were bad people, but they were just misunderstood. They were simply looking for a way to start over, for a way to find a peaceful new beginning and a new home. A place to truly belong.

People often think Christians are stuck-up individuals, who think of themselves as perfect. They think we are weird and follow super strict rules. They don’t know our values and principles, but most importantly they don’t know our Lord and Savoir, our Jesus. We (Christians) are called to love everyone and spread the good news. Sometimes we can be misunderstood like the Skrulls, but by showing the world God’s great love, people can get to know us better and we can begin to live in peace. We can find a place in our hearts to live in harmony with people, to live in a new home built by the strength and the truth of God’s living Word, the Bible. Not to live misunderstood or to be constantly fighting with one another.

In the Bible, John 8:32 says, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”(NIV). Just after Vers freed herself from the grasp of the lies made by the central intelligence, she unlocked the full potential of her powers and became the hero of the story. She found her identity and separated herself from the toxic environment she was in. She dug deep into her past and found out the truth -the truth that unleashed her from what was holding her back from her full potential. She was empowered to help out the Skrulls and make the universe a better place. 

By knowing the truth of the Word and what God tells us, we can too, unleash our full potential and do great things for the world.