Showing Grace on Ourselves

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Showing Grace on Ourselves

By Cloei

Grace. The bible describes it as, “generous, free, and totally unexpected and undeserved.” Normally, when we think of this word we think of God. Him showing kindness to us even when we have messed up and don’t deserve it. I have sinned, I sin, and I will sin again. Jesus always forgives me though, even when I mess up or fall short from His glory! 

Some people struggle with being hard on themselves. I definitely do. For some people, you don’t even realize it until someone points it out or you’re reminded to show gentleness on yourself. Grace is something that God shows on us but we should also show it on ourselves. Don’t be so hard on yourself! For example, I struggle with overthinking things. That gives Satan the opportunity to creep in sometimes and tell me lies and make me want to fear. But just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it’s true. Satan will do everything he can to make you feel like it is your fault when it’s not. It’s just a thought so you just have to determine whether it’s true or not. In other words, is it something that even makes sense and is proved to be true, or is it just Satan in your head trying to make you worry and fear everything? It’s these kinds of things that make it easy to blame ourselves. Some people also struggle with being tough on themselves when it comes to grades. Education is so important to some people and they can put pressure on themselves. Sometimes it can even come from expectation of a parent/guardian. In these times it is so so easy to be let down or angry at yourself for not getting the highest grade instead of celebrating the grade you did get and being proud of yourself. 

We aren’t going to EVER be perfect. There are going to be times when Satan messes with us more or our grades go down. But that’s life!! Let’s start showing grace on ourselves and celebrating the little victories!! Jesus shows grace on us so why shouldn’t we show the same on ourselves?!