Note: April, 2022

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Editor’s Note: Aprill, 2022

By Sarah Komisky

We as people are obsessed with decorum. Let’s face it we have a whole TV station (HGTV) devoted to it as well as a million inspired Pinterest board of color and textures waiting to be realized on our walls. And all of us who have ever hung a picture on a wall know how easy it is to get that crook when your nail was really off-center. Well, it looked correct from our POV but taking a step back, we can see the error of our ways. Especially, when you have to get a nail and hammer in another hole.

Isn’t life like that? Our aim can get off a bit – even with good intentions. Something can seem so centered up close and from our own perspective until we step back and see things from a different angle, we see our need to reframe.

Purity is like that. We’ve adopted different ideas and beliefs from our experience. Some of them seem correctly framed until something challenges that. Is our picture in need of reframing?

When it comes to purity, most of us think it’s solely associated with sexual purity. But, this is only a part of the conversation. If we left it like that, we would miss the full picture. Yet, how many of us walk around like that? I have at one time in my life. Focusing on one area leaves us vulnerable to others. Off-kilter in our perspective with purity.

How do we reframe the conversation?

Well, we can tackle the myths and misconceptions first. And, that is what we will do here in our April “Reframe” Issue.

You’ll hear our stories. We’ll tackle and work through some of the most common things we’ve heard when it comes to the conversation of purity. 

Joining us we will be chatting with author, poet, and artist Morgan Harper Nichols and include a special Good Friday and Easter devotional to help you reframe misconceptions in this story.

We hope the things you learn will provide some valuable takeaways for a more healthy, reframed view of purity that is whole instead of selective.

Easter Blessings,