Reframing Easter: 3 Day Devotional

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Reframing Easter: 3 Day Devotional

By Sarah Komisky

This year, we at Marked Ministry are taking some time to reframe our perceptions of purity. In terms of Easter, we feel that there are several we adopted, maybe without even knowing. Maybe Easter is just about egg coloring, brunch, bunnies, and pastels. Maybe it’s attending a church service or even walking through the motions of a story we have heard. If so, you aren’t alone. We all have them. So, why not take some time out to journal and reflect on our own misconceptions of the purity of Easter and walk away with something we reframed this season? Enjoy this three-day devotional you can do this Easter and carry with you even after Sunday.

Good Friday:

Scripture Reading: Matthew 27: 32-56

What are some common ideas about Good Friday? Is there anything that needs reframing?

When it comes to purity, what do you observe in the Good Friday story? What do you observe about Jesus?

What is the takeaway you are reframing today about Jesus and Good Friday? Why is it valuable to you and why?


Scripture Reading: Psalm 22; Isaiah 53:3–7; Romans 5:12–15

Think about the things you have reframed. What are you thankful about these things?

Take the challenge – have a conversation with someone about Easter. Hear their thoughts and perceptions and then take the opportunity to share some of your misconceptions and what you are reframing this year.


Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:57-66; 28:1-20

What are some perceptions about Easter and how do you celebrate it yearly?

Is there anything that needs reframing after reading the Easter story above?

List 5 things you are thankful for as you reframe Easter this year: