Editor’s Note: May, 2022

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Editor’s Note: May, 2022

By Sarah Komisky

How do you view sexuality?

My guess is that the question hasn’t popped in your mind too much in a world where sex is a part of our everyday lives. Whether in fashion, media, conversation, advertising, relationships, and so on, sex has infiltrated every aspect of life. Have you noticed even judges on cooking shows are labeling food as “sexy?” Clearly, sex is everywhere and we’ve just numbed out to it. In fact, it’s so casual that we don’t bat an eye in movies or ads. It’s the expectation after a single date or from strangers who just met. It influences our wardrobe choices and fuels the pop charts. Things that used to shock us no longer do. So, it is understandable that we as people are desensitized to it.

We’ve accepted and furthermore allowed the beautiful, special, and sacred gift of sex to become commonplace, hence the word “casual.” Therefore, most of us rarely think about our sexual morals. We don’t really question what we believe in terms of sex because we simply accept what culture throws own way. And that’s the way it is – or is it?

The polar opposite is that is the church who generally speaking is neutral if not cold on the subject. Sadly, we have just known one thing – save sex for marriage. End of conversation. Where does one go from there? What about all the questions? What about mistakes? What about trauma? What about addressing the subject of “why wait?” Short answer – the church doesn’t know how which breeds hidden and secret struggles, blurred lines, multiple new accounts of sexual misconduct in leadership, fractured relationships, darkness, guilt anxiety, and confusion.

Just maybe it’s time to reconsider what we really believe and why it matters. Because guess what? Sex matters to God. 

Why? Because God created sex. His original design was between man and woman in the context of covenant of marriage to be both sacred and enjoyable. Intimacy in this context creates safety and a bonding experience that brings each person closer to one another. 

However, in terms of sex, the purity culture of the church has been well-meaning but also detrimental in generating misconceptions that we don’t know where to turn to navigate these waters. Also, we don’t know the difference between what has become a man-made ordinance and what God says about the subject. To complicate things, because we’ve only heard “no” without explanation, the natural tendency is to rebel. If we are created as sexual beings with a heart to honor God, how we do reconcile sex and purity to create a healthy view of sexuality?

It looks like our work is cut out for us. Moving forward, we wanted to be a part of the solution towards the healthy. That’s why created a new issue entitled, “Rewire.” In a sexualized culture, we need a rewiring of our hearts, minds, and bodies to get a new perspective on what God says sex is all about. In our articles, we will address the questions, the misconceptions, and the things unsaid. We’ll look at the Bible as our guide for healthy sexuality and take on those greatest areas of struggle so we can know how to effectively work through them.

Although there is tension with the subject in the world we live in today, we are ready to come to a place of honoring our own sexuality in purity. To join us we’ve asked our friend, singer/songwriter/legend, Crystal Lewis to talk on some of these subjects that we’ve tackled this year as she also gives us an update on her music and more in our latest showcase. You don’t want to miss it!

People, get ready for some soul searching. This is a safe space to do. Unjudged. Uninhibited. To be the church, it’s time we got honest so we can be whole and free as we talk about sex and purity. Welcome to the Rewire Issue.