A Romance Frozen in Time

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A Romance Frozen in Time
Lessons From Captain America and Peggy Carter

By Mike Komisky

When we are first introduced to Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America), he has voluntarily enlisted in World War 2. He allows himself to be an experiment for the army. Being injected with a “super-serum,” He becomes the super soldier Captain America and joins the fight against the red skull and the Nazis. Thus, the first avenger was born. It is during this time, that he meets the future love of his life Peggy Carter. There is an immediate attraction. Towards the end of the movie, we see Steve sacrificing himself to save others. His plane is going to crash as he is talking to Peggy. Her picture is nearby as it’s the last thing he wants to see and remember. He envisions being with her and having that “last dance.”

Flashing forward to the movie “Avengers Endgame,” the world is saved and the battle with Thanos has ended. Steve decides to retire from being a hero and passes the torch to Sam Wilson-The falcon by giving him his shield. He wants to go back in time to see Peggy as she is on her deathbed. She has never forgotten Steve and always had him on her mind since he left her. They were true soulmates, and he ends up having that last dance with her.

Now, there is no mention of this couple knowing the Lord. Yet, their romance gives a glimpse of what truly loving someone looks like. There is sacrifice, commitment, dedication, and longing for each other’s company. Their story reminds me of another romance that was a biblical relationship founded on God’s love: They are Jacob and Rebekah.

Their romance can be found in Genesis 29:18-30. One day, Jacob was sent by his father Isaac to find a wife for himself. As he approach a well looking for water, His eyes gazed on Rebekah who was also there. Immediately, it was love at first sight. He even wept for her out of pure joy. For him to marry her, he needed to work for her father Laban for 14 years. The wait was well worth it to him and they got married. Sadly, during the birth of Benjamin, (their second child). Rebekah passes away. Jacob ends up building a tomb (pillar) in honor of her (Genesis 35:16-18) so he would never forget her.

In conclusion, what causes a romance to span a lifetime and build stronger as each day goes by? I believe only having Christ as the foundation and center of a couple’s lives. Only then can you endure the storms that test your commitment to each other. A marriage finds its strength in the God of Jacob and Rebekah as you both lean on the Lord. It never gives up, it hopes, it endures, and it forgives each other’s faults. It never is critical and it never ultimately fails. That’s the love of Christ (1 Corinthians 13).

I can relate to both Steve and Jacob. I have been married for 38 years this month. I have never stopped gazing at my wife. Like them, I love her company. Sure, we have issues like any other couple.No marriage is perfect. We have endured a lot together, yet we know Jesus has never failed us. Neither time, circumstances, or The Enemy (The Devil) can ever truly separate two hearts that are fully surrendered to each other. Our love is true and real. No one compares to her. And men, you should feel the same way about your soulmates. Love them wholeheartedly and sacrificially as Jesus does for us. And, like Steve, we can always have that “last dance” with her.