Humbly Bold: A Small Bussiness Glorifying God

(Photo by Hannah Balta)

Humbly Bold: A Small Bussiness Glorifying God

By Megan Luebberman

Do you love to shop small and are looking for your next small business to support?

Humbly Bold, founded and run by 16-year-old Zoey Whittet, is an online Christian store that sells clothing, jewelry, totes, stickers, and more. The shop was launched on January 1st, 2022, and aims to glorify God in all it does.

Zoey Whittet, founder of the business, is an ambitious and busy high school student heading into her junior year while also attending college courses. Some of her creative passions are digitally drawing and taking photographs. This upcoming year, she’s taking courses online, which will free her up for more time working on Humbly Bold. She’s currently located in Las Vegas but has lived in various states across the U.S. growing up.

Humbly Bold is Whittet’s most recent aspiration and she has high hopes for how she can use the business to serve God. She states “I created Humbly Bold to help equip others to defend their faith and biblically answer the hard questions in life. My goal is to spread the joy of Jesus and the truth this world so desperately needs to hear. I hope to use the gifts God has given me to glorify Him and share the truth with others.”

The name of the business has deep meaning behind it and, at first, “Humbly Bold” might sound like a contradiction to some. However, Whittet explains its careful selection by saying that “Over the past few years I’ve seen so many people pushing extremes. There’s a lack of balance and ability to reasonably address something without being an extremist. Christians struggle with how to speak on certain issues in a humble manner, yet simultaneously being bold in their stance. There are some very outspoken people who represent Christianity, and some more quiet yet meek Christians. I believe we need a balance of both; 100% humble, and 100% bold. We come humbly because we are humans too, we’re not perfect. We also present our message to people humbly so that it comes across as loving and not attacking. We are bold because of who our God is. We speak up because the truth needs to be shared. We are bold because we are confident in what we are sharing.”

Fashion has been a controversial topic for Christians at times, as individuals differ on what they believe to be God’s standard of modest or appropriate. Despite the disagreements, it’s clear that fashion is important for the Christian community as a whole to consider, as it plays into how people portray themselves. Christians are supposed to be reflections of God, and clothing plays into this. Whittet keeps this into consideration and comments that “Our bodies are temples unto God. We are witnesses for Christ. What we wear reflects our values. Everything we do, say, and wear should glorify God, not bring attention to ourselves. Our outward adornment reveals the modesty of our heart or lack of it. We need to constantly be examining our intent and motivation behind what we wear.”

As a young business owner, Whittet plans carefully and stands strong as a Christian entrepreneur. She claims that one of her struggles is time management, being a full-time student, but she remains dedicated to the cause. For others wanting to start their own business, she advises they should have a clear purpose/mission to distinguish themselves. She also says to be genuine, being personable to all customers.

Overall, Humbly Bold is a business trying to share God’s love. As Whittet puts it “I seek to unabashedly share the truth of His Word with others. […] I want everything I do to be purposeful and kingdom-building. Humbly Bold’s mission, and my personal mission, is to glorify God in all I do.”

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