Him not Hustle

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Him not Hustle

By Tori Martin 

It was as if suddenly my life paused and went into slow motion. Before I hit the car driving in front of me, I knew, I was about to hit the car in front of me and I couldn’t do anything about it. Smash! My slow-motion movie was now a sore and scary reality. After the initial shock and knowing that the little old lady (yes,really) whose car I had just crashed into was ok I then was angry and frustrated at myself for being so careless. Truth be told, I just started working full time again since 2008 and I had left work late and was rushing like a mad woman trying to get back to pick my teenage sons up and I guess the little old lady just wasn’t in the same kinda rush as me. Isn’t it ironic that I was frustrated because she was slowing me down and making me later and now, I had crashed into her, I was going to be even more late!? 

When I finally got home, I felt exhausted, mentally, physically and emotionally. I was on burn out. I was trying to adapt to being a working full-time mum, running the home, being mums’ taxi, dog being in a relationship, being there for friends, looking after a needy but totally adorable dog and on top of that trying to clear some debt which left me very tight financially. I was feeling so overwhelmed. All these things that were on my “every day to do list” but where was the ‘spend time with God? in this list? He wasn’t. In that moment I really needed Him but felt so bad because I hadn’t spoken to Him for a while because well, sorry Lord, I’d just been busy. 

It was not like I tried, every morning at 6:00am my alarm would still go off as it has done for the last 3 years so that I can spend an hour a day with Him before anything or anyone else but now when the alarm went off I hit snooze until I had to jump out of bed screaming to my kids , “quick wake up , we are all going to be late!” I’d been so exhausted from my new hustle lifestyle that I choose an extra hour in bed rather than with the Love of my life. Something was seriously wrong. Internally, it was crushing me, and it appeared the more I tried to make time the more balls I kept being given to juggle and fit in.

And less time with Jesus meant I found less time to be all the beautiful things He helps me to be. I’d become that little lost sheep wondering off from my Shepherd helplessly baaa baaa baaaing walking around aimlessly wondering what the heck was going on! I’d became impatient, stressed out, not much fun to hang around with. Oh, and don’t forget, a little old lady bumper car villain. Something needed to change. My priorities were all mixed up.  I missed Jesus and I knew that if I wanted things to get better, I needed the better Man back in my life- pronto! 

I started off small and realistic knowing that my new lifestyle didn’t allow as much time as I had before and also learned to be kind to myself to say, “and that’s okay.”” It’s a new season. “

I started with a brand-new routine where I got to spend my precious and very necessary nuggets time with God. And my life started taking a more productive, calmer and dare I say it, enjoyable u-turn! My little 15 minutes every morning with God started leaving me hungry for more and I started finding I was fitting Him into my whole day! Audio bible in the car, devotional in my lunch hour, a prayer before bed etc etc. It was all starting to come together. Once I had returned back to my Shepherd, I naturally started to stick to His path of purity again in many areas of my life again! If only the little old lady could see me now! (She was absolutely fine by the way; I know you were worried).

So, friend, if you are finding yourself more hustle than happy then maybe it’s time to reacquaint with God just like I did. I promise you; you won’t regret it. Here’s some practical tips to get you started:

* Bring the coffee and start with spending 5-15 minutes of time with God every morning. Remember it’s not the quantity of time it’s the quality that makes a difference.

* Talk to Jesus on your commute, sing along to worship or listen to an audio bible. I’ve found some great podcast devotionals on Spotify. 

* Your lunch break is great way to just bring God back into your day. I love a bible plan on YouVersion or a hardback devotional. Or write down some things you want to pray about when you get home, so you don’t forget after a busy hectic day!

* Got a dog to walk or child hobbie to sit through? Call a friend and have some prayer time together. Or listen / watch a sermon online. Or just be with God in the silence (one of my favourites) many a time I have just sat in the car while my son trains with his football team and just rested in His presence. 

*Pray with your kids before dinner and at bedtime. 

*Before bed put on a soothing YouTube video of God’s words to help you sleep and unwind. I find it leads me to pray, also the scriptures I hear if one is speaking to my situation. 

* Always say goodnight to Him and ask that your home sleeps sweet. You say goodnight to the spouse, kids, dog, cat, fish, and friends so there is no excuse not to for Him!

God knows your situation, He understands. 

His grace covers our struggles. He just wants to hear from you and help you. You are not alone and it’s never too late to reacquaint with Him. He is always ready, waiting and unlike us at times, always available!