Transformed by Love

(Photo by Michelle Kim)

Transformed by Love
Unleashed Beauty Founder Hannah Frendl Shares How God’s Love Changed Everything

By Sarah Komisky

Interviewing Hannah Frendl is a pleasure. First off, she’s inventive. Second, she’s a risk taker. Third, she’s a great leader, but fourth, she’s a friend. Stepping into her office three years ago to join the Unleashed Beauty team as a contributing writer was a huge blessing. From the beginning we collaborated, tossing ideas back and forth as we learned from each other. With a desire to grow as a person, she was not afraid to show her humanity, and was always great making a point to cheer her team on. I walked away from that experience learning a lot, especially when it came to leadership. So, here we are three years later, collaborating again. Who knew she would one day be one of my interviewees!

Here is her story.


Raised in a Christian home at a young age, Hannah Frendl, now a young married woman, likens her relationship with Jesus to marriage, saying, “Through every year of marriage, my love grows deeper, and more refined and rich. There are times I may run from my husband emotionally, or fight with him and have painful days, but year after year my relationship with Him reaches new realizations and safety. Newfound strength and newfound understanding. I think that even over the last few years is when I have realized how profoundly knowing God personally is and what it means to be loved and fathered by Him.”

But to understand Frendl’s story you must first know where she began as girl, who didn’t understand the love of God. It was this misunderstanding that delve Frendl into a plethora of emotional issues that manifested in an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, as well as pain from past abuse. Hitting rock bottom, Friendl sought help at Mercy Ministries, where her life was transformed.

“I had so much pain that I was running from, trying to numb and suppress that it bred toxic habits. God just in one instant healed my heart, it’s hard to explain. I just had a major encounter with God. That’s how He works, just one touch from God, just one whisper to your heart and He can heal years of damage,” shares Frendl. “Don’t get me wrong I had to work hard, and read book after book that could help me gain an understanding and teach me healthy habits and lessons. I had to stay at Mercy for months away from my life and my family. I had to get past extreme homesickness and discomfort, but I wanted it – I needed it. God met me there, and healed me.”

Beauty came from ashes when Frendl put her inventiveness to use with a desire to inspire girls and young women with what she created. The name Unleashed Beauty came with an idea to set women free. She states, “So many of us live our lives bound up, the world would be a different place if we were running free – confidently humble and constantly in sync with God and where he wants us to confidently follow Him.” Ergo, Unleashed Beauty began with a single idea that launched one photoshoot after another.
“The start of it was messy, with tons of mistakes. You can’t start something and not make mistakes; that is what we learn from and make us stronger,” confesses Frendl. “I am inspired by every person behind any organization who doesn’t get recognition, but faithfully continues to serve God in that area. The volunteers, missionaries, speakers, councilors, adoptive/foster parents, or ministry leaders who go out and give their whole lives up to follow God. Those that risk it all, who give more that 10% of their money and who obey God when it’s hard and scary. To truly follow God means a ton of sacrifice and a ton of discomfort but it’s worth every second.”

Now a Christian Media Company, Frendl encourages readers to use their creativity for God saying, “I believe we can all use whatever God has gifted us in as tools for Him. Money, our voices, talents, relationships, opportunities, whatever you currently are given, give that to God. Listen to his still small voice and obey. He will take you to places you can’t even imagine. ‘If you cling to your life you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.’ Everything you have give it to Him – you won’t regret it. He’s worth it. He’s the creator of the Universe after all!”

Through her struggles she now advises others to run to God, who ultimately wants the best for us and has created us for relationship with Himself saying, “You can get healing now or you can go years and years in bondage wasting years of your life.” Additionally, she also encourages others to seek help from others you trust, adding, “Get around wise mentors and chase vehemently after freedom because God wants for us to be free.”

Wanting to see young women empowered to walk in confidence, knowing they are unique, she says, “Embrace who you are in Christ and don’t focus on yourself. Obviously know who you are in Him and be confident in that, but focus all your energy to Him. Love who you are in HIM. Someone once said this term and it’s really stuck with me: “quiet confidence.” True confidence isn’t boastful, prideful and arrogant. Confidence in Christ is humble, gentle, loving and noble. You are royalty; you are a daughter of the King. That should instantly make you want to carry yourself in a different way. It did for me.”

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