A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

A Note From the Editor: August 2016

By Selma Komisky

What does it mean to inspire others? Godly women radiate confidence and know who they are in Christ. For example:

  • I love it when women can embrace their body type and beauty and feel good about themselves. Having a good body image is so important and so healthy and it also inspires and promotes others to be proud of who they are!
  • A visionary can inspire and bring about change and impact many people for Gods kingdom
  • Music is a powerful tool to inspire others. It moves us and can lift our spirit
  • A mission’s trip or summer camp can be an inspiring endeavor because you are able to serve others and be touched by the people you’re serving. Most importantly, you get to have an encounter with Jesus while abroad or up in the mountains
  • Organizations inspire others when they give to a worthwhile cause
  • An author’s words and our sisters in Christ can inspire us to fall more in love with Jesus
  • Trying a new sport can inspire us to try something out of the ordinary
  • It also inspires us to be more health conscious
  • A wonderful cooks recipes inspires our pallets and stomachs and gives us incentive us to hit the kitchen and execute our culinary skills
  • Overall women who read The Word of God are inspiring and have the ability to encourage and bring words of comfort to others who are hurting or in a slump.

So, embark with me on this new adventure for this August issue and may you be inspired by what Jesus is doing in the lives of these women this summer at Marked Ministry.

~Selma (Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16-17)