Artist Spotlight: Jon Foreman

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Artist Spotlight: Jon Foreman

By Gabby Mehler

Jon Foreman, lead singer of American alternative rock band Switchfoot, is commonly known for his voice’s unique edge and grit. Pair that with an an all-around catchy and inspiring tune and you’ve got popular hits such as “Meant To Live” and “The Sound.” Recently, however, the famous rockstar is recognized as a solo artist, with songs like “House of God Forever” and “White as Snow.” Foreman’s seasonal “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer” and “Fall” EPs are founded on biblical facts. For example, take his song “House of God Forever,” which reflects on eternal truths uncovered in Psalm 23.

These albums were most notable for their beautifully enhanced instrumentals, which included sweet melodies on the violin, banjo plucking, and soothingly slow-tempos. Foreman’s most recent project “The Wonderlands” was released in four separate albums: “Sunlight,” “Shadows,” “Darkness” and “Dawn.” They were made available on iTunes all within a six-month span of each other.

In an interview with Jesus Freak Hideout, Foreman revealed that the meaning behind the names of his latest four-part series represented a 24-hour period. On a larger scale, these mirror themes of faith, doubt, frustration and love, respectively. Regarding “Darkness” and “Dawn,” the second half of his project, Foreman was cited saying that the songs within these albums were a bit darker. He further explained that these albums represent hope, and having an “authentic faith,” which he believes is grown out of “asking God the hard questions,” and questioning one’s own faith to come to the truth. That may sound scary to some, but Foreman goes on to say that God is “all-knowing,” and can answer even life’s toughest questions.

Critics and fans have noted that these albums carry a vibe similar to Foreman’s roots with Switchfoot, reflecting a more upbeat and coordinated pattern. However, they are no less impactful and intentional in lyricism and production. Foreman described the intentions behind his latest solo albums in an interview with, “But my hope with these solo projects is to talk about faith, and doubt, and love and all these anchoring elements of my life in song, in a way that feels like it’s authentic and maybe almost like a campfire chat, you know? Because I feel like some of those moments around the fire, late at night, asking questions of the meaning of life can be some of the most pivotal moments of my existence, you know?”

Whether you’re planning a road trip, searching for new sounds, or simply need encouragement, both Jon Foreman and Switchfoot albums are a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

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