Why Invite a Friend to Church?

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Why Invite a Friend to Church?

By Kyle Jane Heskett

Good Friday…it’s a holiday in the Christian faith that doesn’t get as much attention as others such as Easter. I think most of us have invited a friend once or twice to an Easter service, because even the majority of non-believers will attend out of tradition. But what if Easter is only half the story and it’s meaning can be enriched by celebrating Good Friday? This year, I want to challenge you to invite a non-believer to a Good Friday service. Let’s expose this hurting world to the first part of the story, the part that gives Easter it’s true meaning.

Good Friday celebrates the day that Jesus died for our sins on the cross. It seems a little odd to call it good when it represents a day that was so dark, a day where our Lord suffered. But it is good! It is good because it was the marking of God’s plan that changed the course of the world. It started a time that would lead to the resurrection of our Savior, the gift of His Holy Spirit, and the ultimate victory over sin and death. What a glorious day it was, because our chains were broken on that cross. We now have freedom.

One cannot fully appreciate this freedom unless they realize the slavery sin brings. Good Friday is a time for us to realize the weight of our sins. It is hard to experience the joy of His resurrection without recognizing our desperate need for Him. Not only will this realization be eye-opening for a non-believer, but it will also be comforting. It is comforting to know that Christ shared in our same struggles, understands our pain, and can relate to us on the deepest level. The cross shows us that Christ, although fully divine, knows what it means to be human. He chose to become a man to meet us where we are at. The world needs to experience just how intimate Christ is, and I bet you know someone who especially needs this. Today’s world is no stranger to pain and suffering. Grief and heartbreak have become a familiar story to us all. But people are ready to understand the sacrificial love of Christ more than ever. In a time when all seems hopeless, let’s bring people true hope.

But the story doesn’t end with the death of Christ on the cross. We have the joy of His resurrection! The resurrection is the ultimate proof that Christ did indeed conquer death. He is alive and his Holy Spirit lives in those who believe. Let us prepare our hearts to receive the magnitude of this fact with celebrating Good Friday and inviting a friend to partake with us.