How-To: 5 New Journaling Ideas For Your Personal Journey

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

How-To: 5 New Journaling Ideas For Your Personal Journey

By Sarah Komisky

In life, we are all on a journey. WE have our own thoughts. Experiences. Relationships and we need outlets of expression. That’s why journaling is not only cathartic, but it’s also super encouraging when we can document our victories, little moments that mean a lot, quotes that we want to remember, or emotions or life experiences we just need to work through. But most importantly, journaling is a way we can meet with God and invite Him into our lives to help us grow. You’ll be super stoked when you look back and see just how far you’ve come!

But first, to help you along in your journey, here are five ways you can journal in the everyday.

  1. Blog

One of the reasoning blogging is a great idea is because it not only helps you write and work out your thoughts, but also helps others as you share your thoughts and experiences. Whether you are a contributor or a just starting up your own blog, write with purpose and what how God will use it! Healing was not meant to keep to ourselves.

  1. Photograph

Photojournalism has it’s origins in wartime and later became popular in the 30s-50s as journalism changed featuring photos that told stories. But you don’t have to be a journalist to document life. Grab your phone, a professional camera, or even an Instax and capture your thoughts and journey through photography! It can be on anything. I once knew someone to document her whole journey through cancer this way. Not only is this memorable but it’s also a great way to creatively express yourself.

  1. Be Creative

Speaking of creativity, why not get your inspiration on by being you! Are you a musician? Opt for songwriting? Love poetry, create cadence that matches your mood! The Psalms are a great example of this! Start a new scrapbook of old letters or cards. Pin your feelings on Pinterest or paint your reflections. If your feeling old-school, take a pen, grab a journal and get writing! The important thing is to be you and express yourself!

  1. Record

Recorders aren’t reserved for reporters. They are great to creating clips of your thoughts if your not too much of a writer or don’t have a schedule that permits you to have a lot of writing time. AKA mommies, this is a great idea for you! You can buy on Amazon or simply use your phone and document your journey audibly! If your great with film, you can record yourself via video sharing your thoughts.

  1. Connect

Sometimes feelings can be hard, scary, or uncomfortable to share out loud. But it can also be super encouraging. God’s intention is always for us to encourage one another. When we get real together, growth occurs and we benefit from hearing someone else’s story. Remember to share with trusted people and when you are in large groups of people you may not know, she what you feel comfortable with that group knowing. There is no right or wrong. This can be in small group where you are reflecting on recovery, The Bible, or curriculum. You’ll find that healing is in numbers!