Grace Pet: The Story of Roxy

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Grace Pet: The Story of Roxy

By Sophia

It all came so soon, one second she was with me, playing and running around, the next moment, I saw her being carried into the building, knowing there was nothing else I could do to save her. Have you ever had a pet before? If so, then you know the love you feel for your pet. It’s a certain bond that could never be made again or be broken. God had graced me with the most wonderful dog I could ever ask for, and he blessed me and allowed me to spend 12 years with her. She was my pride and joy, and I’m so grateful to have spent all that time with my beautiful dog Roxy.

My family got Roxy when she was about 1 year old; our friend found her on the streets. She was just a scared little puppy at the time, but she grew to be the most wonderful dog. Later, when she got older, Roxy started digging in my Mom’s plants, so we gave her to my grandparents who lived in Arizona. They had a large backyard, which connected to the front yard all around, and two other dogs. She spent most of her doggy life there, but every summer my brother, my younger cousin, and I would go and visit our grandparents for a few weeks at their house. So, we got to spend so much time with each other and the dogs. Fast Forward a few years and my grandparents moved to California, close to our house. Since Roxy was around 10 or 11, she stopped digging and being naughty. One of my grandparent’s dogs ran away and the other one stayed with my grandparent’s friends in Arizona, so the other dogs didn’t come with them to California. The last few years of Roxy’s life were spent around her family. We would watch movies together, while Roxy slept on the carpet. We would all eat at the same time so she doesn’t get sad that we were eating without her, and we would go trick or treating with Roxy on Halloween while she wore cute costumes. Roxy would always snore so loud when she slept and she would plop on the ground when she sat down (because she was a little chubby). Then she got old, and more tired. And this April, before Easter, we had to put her down. We knew it was the right time, but it was one of the hardest decisions of our lives because she was the first dog for all of us. We all got to say a proper goodbye, but seeing her being carried into the room where they were going to put her down just broke my heart because I knew she was going to pass without any of us by her side. The vet said it was quick, but it was still hard to go through that.

It was by God’s grace that Roxy was my dog, letting me have so many fun memories of us together and knowing her. He was giving her grace because she died peacefully; it was quick and painless. I’m so blessed to have had her as my dog and I know she will always be in our hearts. So, if you have a pet, any pet, enjoy them, play with them, love them, because you’ll never know when will be your last chance with them.